Benefits of POND mobile

You shouldn't worry about international roaming charges because,
simply put, there aren't any.
Making life easier and stress-free, POND mobile facilitates High-Speed Priority Data, Easy Set Up, and Vast Coverage Around the World. In today's increasingly globalized society, it doesn't make sense to have multiple phones with multiple plans in multiple countries. POND mobile has created a service that allows 1 phone, 1 plan, and work in 210+ countries. Our services eliminates the need for having multiple SIM cards!

Fixed Price for the Whole World

Plans with fixed prices for mobile communication worldwide. Voice, internet, and SMS - all included

International Number

Getting an US number will make dealing with international institutions easier.

Talk About Anything, Anywhere

We don't collect and/or send your personal information, so your personal data is safe with us.

"Local Everywhere"

Use your existing number and add local numbers from over 90 countries. All calls will come to your mobile, wherever you are.

Smart Caller ID

The person you're communicating with will see your local number.

Priority Status

Thanks to agreements with worldwide operators, POND mobile offers priority access to both global GSM and LTE networks.

More About POND mobile

POND mobile is an international mobile carrier that focuses its efforts on bringing you comfort and peace of mind on your travels. Our World Phone and Global Data plans are designed to give you a reliable connection and high-speed internet in 210+ countries worldwide.
Each rate plan includes a certain number of minutes for calls, SMS and GB of high-speed Internet, so you can pick the plan that meets your specific needs. Our pricing is transparent and straight-forward – you pay the fixed monthly subscription fee specified in your rate plan. There are no hidden costs or additional roaming charges, and taxes and fees are already included.
With our service, you no longer need to worry about buying a local or international SIM card and spending hours researching the various local carriers in each country. When you need to use the internet, you can use it freely without worrying about roaming charges or looking for free Wi-Fi. This also protects you from the risk of scammers stealing your data when using public Wi-Fi!
By having the ability to add local numbers for 90+ countries, in addition to the U.S. number you receive, your family, friends and colleagues will be able to call you at their local rates without extra charges in their phone bills. POND mobile has made sure that you always stay connected no matter where you are, on land or out at sea!

Gold Numbers

For those who wish to distinguish themselves with a Vanity number

  • Easy to Remember
  • Your number is recognized worldwide
  • Distinctive business cards
  • Concierge priority
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World Class Support

POND mobile offers a White Glove customer experience:

  • Concierge experience
  • 24/7 multi-language live customer support
  • Dedicated account managers assigned to each customer account
  • Global equipment replacement
  • No transfer promise: when you call our support line, you will never be transferred from one rep to another
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POND mobile Has You Covered

Get to know more about our World Phone and Global Data plans.

Enjoy International Roaming with Unlimited Voice. Text and Data in 210+ countries and destinations. No complicated time zones to choose from. POND mobile makes it easy and simple. One World. One SIM. Coverage Map

Flexible Plans That Work for You

Our comprehensive, unlimited roaming service is completely hassle-free!

Unlimited calls, messages, and mobile data while roaming. There are no extra charges or sneaky fine-print. Who has time for that? We believe in providing our clients with the best international roaming plans and flexible, unlimited roaming data options worldwide. Plans