Best Apps for Travelers in 2022

Best Apps for Travelers in 2022

In the beginning of the last year we created a post on the Best Apps for Travelers in 2021. With travel picking up and borders re-opening, we selected a few best applications that can ease your travels and help you find the best accommodations!

Apps for planning trips


Aviasales is a convenient flight search engine. The app will find the cheapest flights based on the dates and other conditions you select. Aviasales can also help you find the perfect hotel accommodations anywhere in the world!


Kayak application is a universal assistant that can help you plan your trip from start to finish. With Kayak you can book flights and hotel accommodations, and rent cars. In addition, with the app’s ticket forecasting feature, you can even get a better idea of how to budget for your trip.

Apps with travel guides


Tripster can help you find travel guides from locals including historians, art historians, architects, journalists, and even organize an individual tour.

Sygic Travel Trip Planner

Sygic Travel Trip Planner is another traveler’s assistant. With the app, you can create a detailed route of your upcoming trip and get access to travel guides for cities you’re interested in. You can even get acquainted with the local history and culture. Not to mention that you can find tips on how to get to travel hotspots, calculate the walking time and check the weather forecast!


With Azbo you can go on an excursion whenever you want. You can choose a ready-made tour or create your own tour using the app’s tour constructor. As a result with this unique feature, you can build a personalized tour filled only with places you’re interested in checking out.


Redigo is a guide to a vast number of countries from Australia to Japan – containing plenty of photos, attraction information, and a basic phrasebook in several languages. In this application you’ll also find route options, and information on restaurants and entertainment.


AroundMe will become a reliable guide for you in any city in the world–providing accurate information about objects located near you. All objects are divided into categories: bars, theaters, restaurants, museums, hospitals, etc. Important objects can be added into the Favorites category to make them easily accessible.

For finding something particular, you can just enter a name or postal code in the search system. Then, using the AroundMe map, you can build a walking route or a route by car.

App for creating your own map of places

Pin Drop

Pin Drop is an application where you can create your own catalog of interesting places, share them with friends, view their marks, and find something new for yourself. It’s also convenient to use when you’re organizing a meeting in some new and unusual place. You can even add a photo and an audio comment to any place mark to make it easier to find.

App for European bus tour


Busradar will help you travel around Europe by bus. All you need to do is enter the name of the city you’re currently in and the name of the destination city. Once you’ve done that, you will get information about bus companies you can use on that route, how many changes will be required, how long the trip will take, how much it will cost and when the next bus is scheduled.

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Best Apps for Travelers in 2022

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