Best Places to Visit in Bali for Digital Nomads

Bali is considered one of the top locations in the world for digital nomads and freelancers alike. This island has long been popular among expats from different countries. With the growing popularity of Bali among these travelers, all kinds of Internet cafes, supermarkets with European products, and inexpensive housing have appeared.

Recently, the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia announced plans to issue special five-year visas to digital nomads who want to live in Bali. Holders of these visas won’t be required to pay taxes on foreign income, making Bali even more attractive for remote workers in the near future!

What Are the Best Places to Visit in Bali?

Bali is jungles and picturesque green rice terraces. It is volcanoes and silver lakes. It is beautiful waterfalls, endless oceans and beaches with white and black sand. It is also ancient temples, royal palaces, colorful ceremonies and festivals. There is something for everyone in Bali. From surfing and diving to yoga and meditation. There is an abundance of activities and travelers will find themselves drawn to all the magic this island has to offer.

Canggu – this area is considered one of the top destinations in Bali. According to Nomad List, Canggu Village is one of the most attractive places for digital nomads in the world. There is more modern housing here than in other parts of the island, and it’s cheaper! There are numerous coworking spaces and Internet cafes. Not to mention, a well-developed infrastructure: shops, restaurants, and cafes. You can eat tasty food here for less money than other parts of the island like Seminyak. Canggu is one of the favorite long-term residence locations for expats with average incomes.

Ubud is known as the city of arts and the cultural capital of the island, as well as the capital of yoga and meditation. It has many museums and art galleries, and festivals are typically held in this region. There are several different restaurants and cafes in Ubud to meet the tastes of even the pickiest eater. There’s also a large variety of shops here. Ubud contains coworking spaces with a stable Internet connection for remote workers much like Canggu; although, housing here is expensive and not as modern.

Seminyak is considered a respectable and luxurious area. There are many luxury villas, expensive restaurants (where international chefs work), beach and nightclubs, and small bars. There are also many art galleries, large supermarkets, and various boutiques. This area is great for those looking for a rich nightlife scene. Housing here is more expensive here due to the luxuries surrounding the area, but it also contains coworking spaces perfect for digital nomads and remote workers.

Sanur is one of the oldest tourist areas. It’s quiet and peaceful compared to the rest of the island. Sanur is usually chosen for long-term residence by families (who have children) that want a quiet and low-cost place to raise their children. This location also contains coworking spaces perfect for getting work done.

Kuta is an area with dense buildings and narrow streets. There are many shopping centers, and fruit and vegetable markets here. In Kuta, you can find inexpensive housing like Sanur. Before the pandemic, it was one of the most popular places among short-term tourists. Life here was in full swing both day and night, thanks to several inexpensive nightclubs. But, because of the pandemic, the flow of tourists subsided and Kuta was deserted. There are much fewer restaurants here than in Canggu or Seminyak; however, there are also coworking spaces in Kuta.

Kerobokan district has the luxury of Seminyak, but with more space and Balinese flavor. As we move away from the ocean, there are more rice fields, villas and private houses, and housing becomes cheaper. There are many restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, boutiques, and shops surrounding this area. Since there are few short-term tourists here, and many expats live here, the Kerobokan has a more homely atmosphere.

Jimbaran district in Bali is known for its fish restaurants. It’s quieter than the Kuta area. There are no nightclubs here and, therefore, it tends to be a quieter area in terms of tourism. For a rich nightlife, everyone goes to Kuta and Seminyak. There are villages in Jimbaran where foreigners live, and you can find enough budget housing to live for a long time here.

Amed is a quiet and peaceful area. It’s very green and known for its stunning views of sunrises and sunsets. Amed contains ancient, hidden temples and the highest mountain temple in Bali. It’s also considered one of the most interesting places on the island to go diving and snorkeling!

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Best Places to Visit in Bali for Digital Nomads

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