Best international sim card for Italy

If you want to spend your upcoming vacay without a hitch and really enjoy it, check the tips below on how to grab the best international sim card for Italy.

Smart caller ID for superior communication

Smart caller ID is the best way to reach new professionalism levels in company relations. The way to make your bonds stronger and show your respect in partnership. With Pond Mobile you get an opportunity to have several numbers all in one account and select among them the local numbers from several countries of your choice.

What Consumes Data on your Cell Phone?

While taking the most advantageous package for data usage from your provider, you might think that you can finally enjoy the most out of the Internet. It is not that important to have unlimited free calls and text messages when you have unlimited data. Today, people do not call each other so often. Sometimes, it is easier to send a text/voice/video message via one of the messengers and wait until the person finds time to read/listen/watch it and answer, rather than unexpectedly bothering him or her.

Android Comparison to IOS 14

In this article we will show you the difference between Android versus IOS 14 Apple has introduced a massive update for the iOS 14 unveiling many new features. Including those that have long been present in Android devices.

Mobile Hotspots: Expectations vs Reality

A hotspot is a physical location where people can access WiFi through a wireless local area network (WLAN). The WLAN is connected by a router and the router is connected to an Internet Service Provider. Wi-Fi was first created to be a technology built around one basic service — data transmission. And was located almost exclusively in areas where there are many inactive subscribers. However, over the past 10 years, there has been one big change in the generation of Wi-Fi standards. The modem.

The Digital Nomad Never-Ending Journey: It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

What if you could work from anywhere in the world? The so-called “laptop lifestyle” allows you the ultimate freedom to decide when and where you work. The Digital Nomad movement has exploded recently and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s only going to continue to grow as technology makes it possible for more and more jobs to be done remotely.

The secret Caribbean Islands preserved for so long: exploring pristine nature

Without any doubts, you’ll find everything on the Caribbean islands. From music and local cuisines, and all the other benefits of civilization to pure beauty of nature with deep green wild forests on the mountains to white beaches with crystal clear ocean water. This permanent festival of diverse cultures and natural wonders is ready to take you and fully dip you into the joyful atmosphere of island life.

Selecting an International SIM Card

Roaming and other international phone charges can add up quickly. Reduce fees when using your mobile phone abroad with a SIM card. SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards are tiny memory cards that store information about you as a wireless subscriber. It allows the carrier to identify your device and confirm it’s authorized to operate on the network. Various options are available for domestic and international data. You can pick up a SIM card almost anywhere; however, it’s best to purchase one before traveling.

Mobile Security Tips to Protect Your Data from Cyber Criminals

Technology has simplified our lives, but it has also made it easier for cybercriminals to steal your information, destroying you with just a couple of keystrokes. Almost 2.3 million people reported being victims of identity theft and fraud, according to a study by the Federal Trade Commission. Fraud losses amounted to $1.9 billion in 2019 alone. Data breaches exposed sensitive information of 7.9 billion records. Protecting yourself is critical!