Best international sim card for Italy

Best international sim card for Italy guide

If you want to spend your upcoming vacay without a hitch and really enjoy it, check the tips below on how to grab the best international sim card for Italy.

What is the best SIM card for Italy today?

When you use a domestic SIM card abroad (Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint), you have to remember that:

  • You need to unlock it internationally before leaving
  • Certain international roaming zones have different pricing
    • At first glance, it seems a bit complicated and confusing. However, some of the carriers connect automatically to European providers (e.g. T-Mobile).

      If you don’t want to go into the itty-bitty details, find the right international plan to cover your needs and save that money. It’s a fact that such a plan would be much more advantageous not only for Italy, but actually wherever you go worldwide.

      Where to buy international SIM card in Italy?

      If for some reason you couldn’t manage to buy a SIM card before your departure, you can easily find one in the nearest to your hotel service store. In big cities like Rome, Milan, Naples, or Turin, it’s not really a problem. However, if you have a long list of cities to check out and things to do for your journey and didn’t look beforehand about the best offers in advance—try to find a card in the duty-free zone of the airport. Now, it’s probably high time to acquire the best international SIM card for Italy and simply stop overpaying. Don’t fork out any longer. If you’re still not convinced, check out our next point below.

      Opportunities with the best international sim card for Italy

      Did you know that you don’t need to think about where to find a WiFi hotspot? Or be bound to the restaurants and cafes that can give you free access in Italy. Internet SIM card will solve this in a jiffy. Enjoy your meal instead and with an unlimited data plan you can forget about ever being disconnected for a moment and savor the best gelato, pizza, and pasta in the region. In fact, in Italy Internet SIM card is everything you need to keep in touch. Instead of calling, use those popular messengers: Viber, Skype, or WhatsApp (the most common for Italians). While in Italy, data SIM for tourist by Pond Mobile would be a perfect choice that won’t let you down—neither if you want to post some skyline city views on Instagram nor when you make a full panoramic view of the Italian Alps live.

      Don’t miss the opportunities global roaming gives today. To consistently stay in touch via texting, calling, and sharing everything else, all you need is to add the best international SIM card for Italy into your cart before you take off!

Smart caller ID for superior communication

Smart caller ID for superior communication

Smart caller ID is the best way to reach new professionalism levels in company relations. The way to make your bonds stronger and show your respect in partnership. With Pond Mobile you get an opportunity to have several numbers all in one account and select among them the local numbers from several countries of your choice. At this point, communicating with a smart caller raises the level of your professional refinement in the eyes of your business partner.

What preceded smart caller ID?

Calling identification was made to make our lives easier:
  • To save time and choose who you want or don’t want to hear before answering the call.
  • To secure privacy and avoid intrusive phone calls—for example, those annoying telemarketers or robocalls.
  • To identify on the spot the name of the caller
  • To see the caller ID while waiting or during a call with another person via phone.
Caller ID is simply the number you see when somebody is calling you. Sometimes you can even see a name instead of a number; which is possible if you voluntarily link your name to your number in the settings of your cell. However, due to new and advancing technologies, it is actually possible today to spoof caller ID (which is uh oh—illegal) or block it. That means fraudsters and scammers will still be able to reach you.

What is smart caller ID

There is a special option provided by carriers to ease up your communication with enterprise partners worldwide. Smart caller ID means that the person you are calling will see the local number you have chosen. Such a feature can work in two directions. First, it helps the person you are calling to identify your number as a ‘friendly’ one and avoid awkward situations (if you have the option of smart caller ID turned on). Second, smart caller ID app helps you to identify who is calling and protects you from telemarketers and a whole range of scammers out there.

Your business partners will receive a smart call from you from a local number if you turn on the option of smart caller ID from Pond Mobile. Get the unique opportunity to fulfill smart calls and take those partnerships to a whole new level

What Consumes Data on your Cell Phone?

What Uses Data on a Cell Phone?

While taking the most advantageous package for data usage from your provider, you might think that you can finally enjoy the most out of the Internet. It is not that important to have unlimited free calls and text messages when you have unlimited data. Today, people do not call each other so often. Sometimes, it is easier to send a text/voice/video message via one of the messengers and wait until the person finds time to read/listen/watch it and answer, rather than unexpectedly bothering him or her. Much work can be done on the way to your destination with a cellphone. No wonder you first pay attention to the amount of data obtained when selecting a plan.

What Uses the Most Data on a Cell Phone Plan?

So, where does all of that promised unlimited data on a cellphone actually go? It may surprise you but surfing on the Internet does not take as much data as you would imagine (up to 2.5MB to download one web page). Therefore, you may ask yourself whether your provider is deceiving you and what exactly consumes all of the mobile data.

Videos. YouTube and TikTok, as the top free video platforms today, rank first in our list of applications that consume most of the mobile data. Even when you are watching HD videos or reducing resolution to the minimum, YouTube and TikTok still take a lot of your time and data. People, ranging from kids to grown-ups and seniors, are used to watch videos during their free time, on their way to school or work, during breaks and in queues.

Streaming platforms.Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other streaming platforms to which you can subscribe to take as much traffic as the videos from YouTube, especially when loaded and watched in full.

Music. Music apps that enable you to listen to music online and those that even provide you with the opportunity of downloading the melodies can be the source of data consuming. Mobile apps, such as SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music, hold the top positions for iPhones and Androids.

Online games. From simple games, like Diamonds, Candy Crush or Pokémon Go, to more complex ones, such as Fortnite and Minecraft, online games playa significant role in young people’s lives. Besides, these games take much mobile traffic.

Social networks. Apps for communication and sharing, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among the most popular ones, also consume a lot of data. By default, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp download or at least keep in cash all the videos and photos shared through them. VoIP apps enable you to call a person by using data rather than your plan minutes.

Tip #1. Some providers offer so-called unlimited data packages. Still, you have certain amount of data (30-50GB on average) which may seem endless. However, after the upper limit point, the Internet speed would be throttled. Read all the conditions of using the plan very attentively.

Tip #2. Using your mobile phone as a hotspot for other devices may lead to significant losses in data amount. Try to use Wi-Fi when possible to avoid extra charges and untimely data termination.

What Uses Data on iPhone?

Among the top apps for iPhone, you will find Google Maps, Spotify, as well as apps for social networks and for photo and video editing. To verify the amount of data that you use, go to Settings >Cellular or Mobile Data.

Several tips on how to reduce data consumption on iPhone:

In settings, you can limit your app download and update options to using Wi-Fi instead of the mobile Internet. Go to Settings >General >Software Update.

You can control the updates and synchronization of the background apps by going to Settings >General and by adjusting each app’s work.

You can also set the video quality for YouTube to minimize data losses. Thus, the data usage will be low by default but will be enough for watching funny videos on a mobile phone.

What Uses Data on Android?

Social networks applications, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, hold the leading positions in Google Play Market. To check the amount of data that you use, go to Settings >Wireless Networks/Networks and Internet >Data Usage or Mobile Data. You can also verify by going to settings >Connections >Data Usage. You can set time alerts when reaching a certain data limit. You can download various data-compressing apps on Androids. Besides, you can switch off the data background usage.

To reduce data consumption, we also recommend you to:

  • Pay attention to mail synchronization.
  • Not leave GPS and navigation turned on all the time. You can download an offline map from Google maps.
  • Use mobile versions of websites.

Unless you have an unlimited data package, find out what takes the most of data on your phone, whether it is video, music, game or social networks, and learn how to save it right now. Use our tips for Android and iPhone to save data on your device.

Android Comparison to IOS 14

Hi, this is Amy with Pond Mobile. Many people get intimidated trying to understand mobile phone technology. There is no need to worry! Pond mobile is here to help guide you through each new feature and each new update.

In this article we will show you the difference between Android versus IOS 14

Apple has introduced a massive update for the iOS 14 unveiling many new features. Including those that have long been present in Android devices.

Home Screen Widgets

After 13 years of keeping the iOS home screen static, Apple has finally allowed users to add Home Screen interactive widgets. Widgets appeared in Android with the release of their first OS. Google will continue to expand this feature over the years, giving users the ability to customize them.

App Library

App library One is one of the first innovations in iOS 14. This resembles the Google Apps List. Unlike the Android app list, Apple’s App Library automatically sorts apps and games into categories.

Default Browser and Mail Application

Default browser and mail application: This isn’t a “borrowing from Android”. Apple could have implemented this feature more than 10 years ago, but chose not to. iOS 14 will finally allow users to choose their default mail app and browser over Mail and Safari.

New Dialer

New dialer: One of the most anticipated changed innovations is the call window. Which now does not occupy the entire screen and can be minimized if necessary. For comparison, the new design of the “compact dialer” appeared in 2014 on Android devices.

App Slice vs App Clips

One of the most interesting features for application developers is App Clips. This allows you to run “light” versions of programs. And has limited functionality in iOS 14 without having to install them. Yet, this interesting idea was also assessed by Google. The App Slice feature, which debuted in Android P in 2018, had similar capabilities.

Bicycle Paths On Maps

With the Bicycle paths on maps In iOS 14, Apple added new cycling features to the Maps App. Including displaying bike paths and creating special routes based on stairs and ascents. This innovation is available in some major cities. Google Maps had this feature back in 2010 and it is available worldwide.


Translator is another Google service. It’s counterpart has been introduced into the Apple iOS 14. Like Google Translate, Apple’s new application allows you to translate typed and dictated phrases. And also offers integrated Safari support for translating entire web pages. Unfortunately, Apple Translator is limited to 12 languages.


Apple has introduced the picture-in-picture functionality in it’s iOS 11 for the iPad. However, iPhones will only get this video playback mode in iOS 14. This happened two months before the announcement of a similar option found in Android 8.0

Password Monitoring

Password monitoring is another feature by Google. In late 2019, Chrome received a password alert functionality when data is compromised by a breach. Now Safari can do the same.

Set a Password

While newer Android phones offer numerous biometric methods for unlocking, every phone still requires one of three traditional locking methods: pattern, PIN, or password.

Better Privacy

Review permissions for installed apps. Remove apps you no longer use, and consider replacing some with ones that request the minimum permissions necessary to do their jobs

Battery Consumption

Switch your phone into power saver mode, which automatically cuts back on functions that may eat battery life.You can also activate Adaptive power saving mode, which sits on top of your other power settings and helps to manage battery usage based on when you use the device and when it’s in your pocket.

Google has borrowed a lot from Apple’s OS. And the next version of Android will offer users some iOS features.

Mobile Hotspots: Expectations vs Reality

Mobile Hotspots: Expectations vs Reality

A hotspot is a physical location where people can access WiFi through a wireless local area network (WLAN). The WLAN is connected by a router and the router is connected to an Internet Service Provider. Wi-Fi was first created to be a technology built around one basic service — data transmission. And was located almost exclusively in areas where there are many inactive subscribers. However, over the past 10 years, there has been one big change in the generation of Wi-Fi standards. The modem. All international business travelers want to know where the best mobile hotspots are located. And how to select the best international mobile hotspots.

International Bands: The Ones That Matter The Most

There are 3 LTE bands that are widely used throughout the world. This is essential if you hope to have LTE coverage while traveling internationally
  • Band 3 – 1800 MHz, used in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Oceania
  • Band 7 – 2600 MHz, used in South America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia
  • Band 20 – 800 MHz, used in Africa, Europe, Middle East
Digital Nomads are restricted to working in areas where their technologies operate properly. Finding a decent WiFi hotspot in every area of the country you are located in is a difficult thing. People assume there is WiFi on every corner, but a poor connection is always a possibility. And using public WiFi is not always a safe option either. Traveling to a new location without confirming a reliable connection can be costly. There might be a chance of dropped calls, failed uploads, and increased stress levels. Research the Wifi situation before you arrive. This could mean contacting your accommodations and asking for speed tests (yes, you can do that).

The Cost Of Freedom

Digital Nomads often find themselves caught off-guard by international roaming charges. Because they don’t know how these charges are applied. They’ll spend a few days using their devices as usual, while thinking they will be charged the same as always. And not be charged for international roaming. If you’re not paying attention, global roaming charges will sneak up on you with some astronomical increases to your monthly cell phone bill. When you use your cell phone overseas, you’re typically using towers that belong to a mobile carrier other than the one you signed your contract with. These network providers have a commercial agreement with your regular service provider that allows you to connect to their towers. This agreement works out great for your home provider because they get to keep you as a customer. And make a little extra money in the process. For you, it doesn’t work out so well. It offers the convenience of being able to use your devices in a way that appears hassle-free. But, this convenience comes at a price.

The Digital Nomad Never-Ending Journey: It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Thinking About Becoming a Digital Nomad? Here’s What You Need to Know

What if you could work from anywhere in the world? The so-called “laptop lifestyle” allows you the ultimate freedom to decide when and where you work. The Digital Nomad movement has exploded recently and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s only going to continue to grow as technology makes it possible for more and more jobs to be done remotely.

If you are looking to find location-independent work, your first place to start is usually with remote job boards. Sometimes it may feel like a needle in a haystack situation trying find the right digital nomad job that you might qualify for AND is actually interesting.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Choosing a country or even a city can be unnerving, especially if you’re looking at a longer stay. Your ideal spot will depend on your preferences. Generally, digital nomads tend to care more about affordability, the right climate, high-speed internet, and a remote worker community.

If you’re ready to take your remote job on the road, the next step is finding the best visas and countries for Digital Nomads. Finding a long term visa can be a difficult process. If you want to stay in a country longer than a typical 60 or 90 day stay, you will need a long term visa. Or you will have to leave the country after the allotted time period. ‍

Have the Correct Technology

A phone and a reliable internet is a digital nomad’s lifeline. It needs to work wherever they go, which means they need a plan for roaming the globe. But more importantly, they need a provider that will support their evolving needs.

Travel SIM cards or Roaming SIM cards can get expensive very fast. You need to select the right one for your destination because some providers have limitations. Using your provider from your home country is a great option for the short term, however , your service will be stopped for excessive roaming after a while.

The Importance of an International Sim Card

Being able to receive calls while traveling overseas from a local domestic phone number is very important. International unlimited data and global roaming data is the standard for being more reachable by friends, family, and colleagues.

An international sim card gives you great convenience and flexibility when you are traveling. You stay connected with the world no matter where you are. Plug the international SIM card into your phone and you are all set to call, use data, text, and more. Pond Mobile offers flexible roaming options for today’s global economy.

This type of SIM card rescues you from all the worries of having to change and set up phone service from scratch again and again.

A More Simplified Lifestyle

Many Digital Nomads feel more freedom and a less stressful work environment. Being away from the everyday hustle and not having to commute or needing a professional wardrobe, can all contribute to a better work environment. Focused, uninterrupted time can allow you to complete your work in a more creative manner.

Working from anywhere is a dream for many people. Plus, experiencing new cultures and making new friends is fantastic for broadening your mind.

The secret Caribbean Islands preserved for so long: exploring pristine nature

10 Natural Wonders of Caribbean Islands.

Without any doubts, you’ll find everything on the Caribbean islands. From music and local cuisines, and all the other benefits of civilization to pure beauty of nature with deep green wild forests on the mountains to white beaches with crystal clear ocean water. This permanent festival of diverse cultures and natural wonders is ready to take you and fully dip you into the joyful atmosphere of island life.

In this article we’ll show you both the world famous astonishing nature and some secret Caribbean Islands preserved for quite a long time that goes way back.

Most Famous Caribbean Islands.

Choosing Caribbean Islands for your trip can get you lost with the plenty of options you can pick from. Better start with the popular destinations first and then head out to the unknown cozy places.


Aside from the obvious reggae style hangout, you can add Jamaica to your list if you want to get exciting experiences from pristine nature. Visiting Seven Mile beach is an absolute must. Add here exploring the hidden lagoons and hiking the mountain trails to see the beautiful waterfalls in the deep rainforests. For those fond of extreme activities, river rafting and cave tubing would be a perfect complement. You can also try out swimming with horses, a new popular entertainment here. Come on, where else could you do that?

The Bahamas

The luxurious escape on the Bahamas includes pictures from the truly most beautiful Caribbean beaches. World famous pink sand and gold rock beaches are waiting for your footsteps and why not amazing pictures for your friends and family over your Instagram and Facebook feed? On top of that, make a stop on the secluded beach of Rose Island to dedicate one day to exploring the secret of Caribbean Islands. Dive into the crystal clean ocean to see the spectacular and at the same time mysterious water world.


Dominican Republic is one of the most loved Caribbean Islands by tourists. But don’t worry! It’s also the most superbly blessed beach island too, having more than 1000 miles of white sand paradise like beach lines. So either you’re alone or with a big company, you’d definitely find a spot for action. You can also choose among the numerous water activities the island is ready to offer: kiting, rafting, snorkeling, diving, and many others.


While Cuba isn’t a secret Caribbean Islands spot, it’s definitely one of the brightest and most unique places to hit up. The rich cultural heritage is well complemented with the grandeur of nature. Miles of mountains followed by the tobacco fields, and of course perfectly white beaches. It’d be really hard to split up between the old city of Havana with its vivid architecture, old vintage cars that never go old, iconic cigars, and the famous beaches of Varadero promising you the most relaxing beach vacation in your life.


If you’re looking for consistent surfing opportunities, visit the fascinating island of Barbados, also the birthplace of world famous singer Rihanna. The island and its surroundings are the nature spectacles of themselves full of exotic wildlife both underwater and on land. Edged with coral reefs, the island beautifully stands out of the water welcoming the visitors with postcard-like landscapes.

The Secluded Caribbean Islands

By exploring the unknown Caribbean Islands we’d recommend starting with the well known, but yet to be explored Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico

The small rocky island of Vieques offers an out of this world yet mother nature wonder on Earth. Imagine a beach sparkling up at night like the millions of stars in the sky and you got Phosphorescent Bay. You’ll for sure feel the magic of Avatar movie in real life. Definitely the must see miracle.

Spend a day on Flamenco beach on Culebra, often called the second most beautiful beach in the world. Plunge into the deep blue water and swim through the soft rocky waves. It’s just a dazzling perfect place for snorkeling and diving.

British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda, one of the British Virgin Islands is mostly covered with natural magnificence. Here you’ll spot large national parks with exotic flora and fauna. Explore the beach of Baths, a popular local attraction with blue lagoons and beautiful cozy caves hidden in between the cliffs. What’s more on the British Virgin Islands, you’ll find some of the quietest untouched beaches of the Caribbean Islands you won’t even believe exist.

Saint Lucia

The vacay on Saint Lucia can be quite extreme for those itching for risky business. In addition to the common cultural heritage tour, you can have an exhilarating getaway into the untamed wild. To get this thrilling experience, book an adventure tour and just go! Traveling in an open aerial tram or on a zip line literally through the jungle, say hello to the monkeys passing by you and jumping from one vine to another.

Trinidad and Tobago

Visit these most secluded Caribbean Islands to enjoy the reluctant pace of an island life. Feel Robinson Crusoe’s inspiration in this total escape from civilization. The most exciting part and one of the most spectacular views in your life will be the sunrise while kayaking around the island. Make sure it’s on that bucket list of yours!


The welcoming island of Curaçao looks like ideal decorations for Wes Anderson movies with its Dutch style pastel colored houses in Willemstad. One of the unknown Caribbean Islands is also nature’s gifted treasure that offers plenty of opportunities to explore the local wildlife. On top of that, you’re more than welcome to try out the diverse fun loaded to chill mode beach options.

Connecting With Home

To keep in touch and cover your thrills in the Caribbeans, check for unlimited international calling plans. We don’t really recommend changing SIM cards on each island. First off, you’ll quickly get tired of it and nobody wants to lose time, right? Who knows when you’ll come to the Caribbeans next time? Secondly, they belong to different states. That means you can unknowingly be in danger of hidden roaming charges. You can escape the trouble and save yourself a whole lot of hassle if you’re prepared.

Pond Mobile specializes in international roaming and offers good deals on unlimited international calls and data plans. Be at home and abroad in the most exotic parts of the secluded Caribbean islands you’ll safely be covered and get the all-inclusive beach pleasures you could want.

So whether you’re going for a lazy beach vacation or want to experience new water adventures and explore the local wonders of nature, plan either way in advance. Only then you’ll have plenty of time to fully discover the hidden Caribbean treasures to the fullest!

Selecting an International SIM Card

Roaming and other international phone charges can add up quickly. Reduce fees when using your mobile phone abroad with a SIM card. SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards are tiny memory cards that store information about you as a wireless subscriber. It allows the carrier to identify your device and confirm it’s authorized to operate on the network. Various options are available for domestic and international data. You can pick up a SIM card almost anywhere; however, it’s best to purchase one before traveling.

Flexible Options to Fit Your Needs

Some mobile providers recommend unlimited data, that might be excessive for you. Take time to evaluate how you will use your device before getting roped into a plan larger than you need. Here are alternatives to the unlimited data, voice, SMS option:
  • Limited with a restricted amount of data
  • Pre-paid international (works in the US and abroad)
  • Data-only
data-only SIM is a good solution for modem, backup, and tablet users.

A Good Solution for International Travel

International SIMs simplify things for the global traveler where roaming charges are a concern, giving the freedom of local and international service at a reasonable price. The best option is often a prepaid SIM card with some extra features. For instance, a US-based prepaid international SIM card can also be used in other countries and continents, if it includes international roaming. SIM chips have data, voice, and SMS, which may be unlimited in the US and abroad.

Worldwide Service Is Possible

Good quality, worldwide service is offered by some mobile carriers. But it’s quite rare and comes with restrictions. Data: The plan states unlimited but has a daily limit of 300MB at high-speed and is reduced to 64kpbs afterward. You can still get email with this slow speed, but loading a website is out of the question. Selecting an International SIM CardCalling: The plan could include low rates from country “A” to country “B”; however, calling from country “A” to country “C” can easily cost over $1 per minute. Navigating the fine print of these providers is extremely difficult. A more expensive service provider may turn out to be significant savings. Since all providers have similar operating costs, it’s unlikely to find a similar product for less. If you do, it’s probably too good to be true. When one provider is charging $20, and the other is charging $200, there’s a good reason. More often than not, the $200 plan will end up costing hundreds if not thousands less in the end over the $20 plan.

Available Bundled with a Mobile Phone

Some prepaid SIM card packs are bundle priced with a smartphone and include unlimited data to use in the US. However, it will be locked to one carrier, and you cannot buy them separately. Prepaid plans have smaller coverage footprints and a multitude of restrictions on streaming services, including lower resolution streaming. It’s worth noting; postpaid plans have fewer restrictions.

SIM Cards Are Easy to Find and Purchase

Most prepaid SIM cards can be purchased in official stores or approved retailers. Credits are also available at authorized retailers and supermarkets in the US. However, specialty SIM cards offering robust international or IoT access are only available via select points of distribution. The best way to reduce fees is by using a SIM card with a monthly subscription. POND Mobile’s Smart SIM and Global Roaming SIM combine the power of multiple leading networks giving you robust coverage to keep you connected. They can be used for MaritimeRemote LearningFailover Service, and other IoT applications.

Mobile Security Tips to Protect Your Data from Cyber Criminals

Technology has simplified our lives, but it has also made it easier for cybercriminals to steal your information, destroying you with just a couple of keystrokes. Almost 2.3 million people reported being victims of identity theft and fraud, according to a study by the Federal Trade Commission. Fraud losses amounted to $1.9 billion in 2019 alone. Data breaches exposed sensitive information of 7.9 billion records. Protecting yourself is critical!

Protecting your Mobile Device

Encrypt Your Device: Use the full disk encryption option to ensure that data cannot be accessed without proper authentication. The password is required to retrieve the data once it’s encrypted! Use Secure Authentication: Enable facial recognition, thumbprint scanner, or a secure password. Avoid four-digit PINs and shapes, as these leave a grease mark on the screen, which can be used to break into your phone. Configure Remote Locate And Erase: Find My Device on Android and Find My Phone for iPhone can be used to wipe a stolen phone remotely. Choose the Right Carrier: Help protect yourself from security threats, use a phone carrier that offers security and privacy for your device.

Staying Secure on the Network

Use Your Mobile Network: Your device connects to the internet through the cellular network. Data sent on a 4G network is encrypted. It’s not completely unhackable, but it is more difficult to compromise. Use A Private Network: Connect your device to a secure network at your home, business, or school. Access public WiFi spots only when necessary. Most hotspots usually don’t encrypt information. Other users can hijack your session and log in as you.

Protecting Your Data

Keep A Remote Backup: Back up your information to your computer and a cloud-based service frequently. Disable Notification Previews on Your Lock Screen: If someone has access to your device, they could view your verification codes without having the password. Enable Two-Factor Authentication: It provides another level of security. Access requires a second piece of information to be entered. Log Out of Your Accounts: If someone gains access to your device, information displayed in any open apps is vulnerable. Update Your Operating System and Software: Install updates as soon as they’re available. These updates address security flaws, improve the user experience, and protect the information on your device. POND Mobile implements advanced safety protocols, ensuring your communications stay private and protected. Learn more about our Flexible Business Plan.