Countries With the Best Internet Coverage

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine our life without constant access to the Internet because of how often we use it. Typically when we imagine a stable Internet connection, we think of fixed broadband Internet. However, mobile Internet has developed widely in recent years. The speed increases every year and, in some countries, it almost equals the speed of fixed broadband Internet.

What Countries Have the Best Internet Coverage?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Internet access has become especially important because of the switch to remote work and distance learning. This switch requires a stable and fast Internet connection. This is also necessary during our travels.

The data for June 2021, according to the Speedtest Global Index, gives us an idea where mobile Internet has reached the maximum speed indicators (the data reception indicator was used). Here are a few countries in particular:

    Southeast Asia
  • South Korea – 180.48 Mbps
  • China – 159.47 Mbps
  • Singapore – 86.96 Mbps
  • Hong Kong – 78.06 Mbps
    Middle East
  • UAE – 193.51 Mbps
  • Qatar – 171.76 Mbps
  • Saudi Arabia – 153.18 Mbps
  • Kuwait – 137.51 Mbps
  • Norway – 167.60 Mbps
  • Cyprus – 161.80 Mbps
  • Luxembourg – 112.64 Mbps
  • Bulgaria – 110.40 Mbps
  • Switzerland – 109.51 Mbps
    North America
  • Canada – 90.97 Mbps
  • USA – 88.08 Mbps
  • Mexico – 34.74 Mbps
    South America
  • Uruguay – 34.20 Mbps
  • Costa Rica – 33.15 Mbps
  • Brazil – 32.73 Mbps
  • Argentina – 30.06 Mbps
  • South Africa – 44.60 Mbps
  • Morocco – 40.07 Mbps
  • Tunisia – 34.22 Mbps
  • Cameroon – 33.98 Mbps

Each year, network coverage is expanding and Internet speeds are increasing. For example, in June 2020, the speed of the mobile Internet in the UAE was 107.53 Mbps and, a year later, in June 2021 it reached 193.51 Mbps. Similarly, in South Korea, the speed was 110.10 Mbps and a year later the indicator became 180.48 Mbps. In Norway, the numbers were 70.16 Mbps and 167.60 Mbps respectively. Data shows that mobile operators around the world continue to work on improving the communication services they provide.

Why Do You Need a Stable Internet Connection?

With the development of modern technology, you can fulfill your dreams and go on life-changing trips while staying connected. And, you can do it without compromising your work! Remote work has become widespread with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the market for both freelancers and digital nomads has grown as a result. The most important condition for that kind of work is a stable Internet connection. We are used to having a stable and high-speed Internet connection by using fixed broadband. However, as you can see from the Speedtest Global Index data, mobile Internet is gradually catching up with the speed of broadband Internet. Let’s turn again to the data for June of the current year. Broadband and mobile Internet in Norway are equal in speed. The speed of broadband Internet is 167.07 Mbps and mobile is 167.60 Mbps. And in the UAE, the speed of mobile Internet has overtaken broadband Internet in terms of indicators: 193.51 Mbps and 179.45 Mbps respectively.

With the current pace of network development, soon we can expect a stable Internet connection in even the most remote corners of the globe! Business and leisure travelers alike will be able to enjoy their surroundings without worrying about how to stay connected.

How Can POND mobile Help?

POND mobile is an international mobile operator that provides customers with international roaming in over 210 countries around the world. Our World Phone and Global Data rate plans are designed to provide reliable communication and a high-speed Internet connection in any country you choose for remote work or your travels.

Each rate plan includes a certain number of minutes for calls, SMS and GB of high-speed Internet, so everyone can choose exactly what they need. The pricing is simple – you pay only a fixed monthly subscription fee, which is specified in the rate plan. Taxes and fees are already included so there’s no hidden charges or additional roaming fees.

With a POND mobile SIM card, you no longer need to worry about buying a local SIM card and spending time researching various carriers. When you need to use the Internet, you can simply use it, without worrying about roaming and looking for free Wi-Fi. The ability to add local numbers from more than 90 countries around the world and the US number that you get with our SIM will allow your family, friends and colleagues to call you at their local rates. POND mobile ensures that you stay connected, no matter what country you’re in!

Countries With the Best Internet Coverage

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