Croatia for Digital Nomads

Did you know Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe? With a mild year-round climate, picturesque coastlines, a fascinating history and culture, incredible national parks, and great food and wine, a large number of tourists visit Croatia every year.

Not to mention, the country has a well-developed infrastructure. Modern high-quality highways provide convenient movement around the country and, although there’s a railway connection in limited directions, the bus service between cities is well developed. Croatia also offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging from hotels to villas. And, since most Croatians speak English and other foreign languages, communication is simple.

And finally, there is good telecommunication and Internet infrastructure, which is one of the main reasons the country is so attractive to remote workers.

So, What Does Croatia Have to Offer Remote Workers?

Croatia is one of the first countries to introduce special visas for digital nomads. Visa or temporary residence is granted for up to one year. Family members of these remote workers can also obtain a temporary residence permit in Croatia. During the entire period of visa validity, children can study at one of the Croatian schools and parents will have the opportunity to choose between state and private schools. Free Croatian language lessons will be held for children there.

While the visa cannot be extended, remote workers can apply for a new annual visa with a temporary residence permit 6 months after the expiration of their previous visa.

Croatia has even created tax incentives for interested digital nomads and freelancers. These workers will be free from paying taxes in Croatia while their digital nomad visa is still valid.

Keep in mind that Croatia is not a member of the Schengen Union, therefore a Croatian visa does not give the right to travel to Schengen countries.

Digital Nomads in Croatia

This new long-term tourist trend is just beginning to develop in Croatia. There are currently no special state programs for digital nomads there; however, on Facebook you can find a page of the Croatian digital nomads community. On this page, you can find other digital nomads living in Croatia and exchange information, get advice, and organize meet-ups. There is also a website for expats living in Croatia where a lot of useful information can be found.

At the end of September, the digital nomads community announced the creation of Digital Nomad Valley Zadar, a village of digital nomads in Zadar. The program begins October 10th and everyone who joins it will receive:

  • – Premium mobile homes
  • – Exclusive coworking office
  • – Community manager
  • – Exclusive events
  • – #discord community channel
  • – Partner discounts

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Croatia for Digital Nomads

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