Guaranteed No Stress: Tech Essentials for Digital Nomads

We can expect to see a great deal of change over the next few years as the world economy races to catch up to the digital nomad movement. For all of you aspiring or early-stage Nomads, hoping your transitions to the digital nomad lifestyle might be easy, keep reading. Make technology work for you. Digital nomads are remote workers who travel all over the world while working with their ultra-portable offices. Living and working on the move presents a host of challenges anywhere. Those challenges often mean more stress than wanted. Being able to receive calls while traveling overseas from a local domestic phone number is very important. International unlimited data and global roaming data is the standard for being more reachable by friends, family, and colleagues. Here is an essential tool needed to sustain yourself in your nomadic adventures.

The Importance of an International Sim Card

Traveling while working comes with a great set of responsibilities, but it doesn’t mean that you have to slow your productivity. A phone is a digital nomad’s lifeline. It needs to work wherever you go, which means you need a plan for roaming the globe. An international sim card gives you great convenience and flexibility when you are traveling. You stay connected with the world no matter where you are. Plug the international SIM card into your phone and you are all set to call, use data, text, and more. This type of SIM card rescues you from all the worries of having to change and set up phone service from scratch again and again.

The Pros of an International SIM Card

  • – An international SIM card can be used on a phone to text, call, and use the internet.
  • – Best in urban areas.
  • – Flexibility to buy plans & packages
  • – Sim cards don’t need any charging, though their connected phone does.

End the Need for Many SIM Cards

It’s essential to have the most convenient and economical option available for unlimited international roaming. POND mobile offers flexible roaming options for today’s global economy.

Smart SIM Card Benefits

  • – Automatically connect to the strongest network signal, eliminating cellular dead zones.
  • – Our extensive network of strategically spread out APN’s allows for minimal latency. Vastly improving user experience.
  • – Ability to add a local SIM profile in various countries.

Global Roaming SIM Card Benefits

  • – International call forwarding gives you a local presence wherever you are.
  • – Virtual numbers cut international long distance charges in the countries that matter most.
  • – The convenience of multiple local international numbers on one SIM card.
Our smart routing technology combines the power of many leading networks giving you the best coverage to keep you connected when traveling. This technology can also be utilized for Maritime, Remote Learning, Failover Service. No matter how connected you feel to your company, being a remote worker can be lonely. There are ways to preserve your well-being while abroad. Including a standing FaceTime or Skype date with family and friends from home. Or finding local meetup groups, and using meditation or fitness apps on your phone. And remember:

“Not all those who wander are lost.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Guaranteed No Stress: Tech Essentials for Digital Nomads

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