"Global Data Pro +" Plan

  • Global roaming in over 220 countries
  • Keep in touch, download, view photos
  • Get a US number for incoming calls

Benefits of POND mobile

Fixed Price for the Whole World Plans with fixed prices for mobile communication worldwide. Voice, internet, SMS - all included.
"Local Everywhere" Use your existing number & add local numbers for over 90 conutries. All calls will come to your mobile, wherever you are.
Smart Caller ID The person with whom you are communicating will see your local number.
International Number All of our subscribers receive a US phone number (+1). It's also possible to obtain "gold" and "silver" numbers.
Talk about Anything, Anywhere We pride ourselves on providing enhanced security for your important calls.
Priority Status Thanks to agreements with worldwide operators, we offer priority access to GSM networks and LTE worldwide.

Gold Numbers

For those who wish to distinguish themselves with a Vanity Number
  • Easy to Remember
  • Your number recognized worldwide
  • Distinctive business cards
  • Concierge priority

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POND mobile Has You Covered

Get to know more about our World Phone and Global Data plans. Enjoy International Roaming with unlimited voice, text, and data in more than 220+ countries and destinations. No complicated zones to choice from. POND mobile makes easy. One SIM. One World.

Flexible Plans that Work for You

Our comprehensive roaming unlimited service is hassle-free. With unlimited calls, messages, and mobile data while roaming, there are no extra charges or sneaky fine-print rules. Who has time for that? POND mobile understands this, and we’ve made sure to provide our clients with the best international roaming plans and flexible, unlimited roaming data options worldwide.

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