How to Get Internet on Your Tablet Anywhere

Using a tablet is easy enough when you’re near a reliable Wi-Fi connection, like when you’re at home or in your workplace. But what about when you’re away from the Internet and need to find a way to stay connected to access applications on your tablet? You could use public Wi-Fi, but that carries its own security risks.

A solution is getting a tablet with LTE capabilities, either built-in or enabled with an external accessory.

Why Get 4G LTE Access for Your Tablet?

Using a tablet for work has many benefits. It has a wider screen so you can see your documents clearly, and it’s easier to carry around than a laptop. For those who create digital artwork or graphics, using a tablet can make your job a lot easier. During your commute, it’s hard to stay connected on your tablet because you may not be near a hotspot or reliable Wi-Fi connection. You could use offline features on your tablet or you could secure a SIM card for your tablet. If you get a tablet with LTE capabilities, you can simply insert the SIM card into your device and get high-speed Internet for your tablet.

POND mobile provides solutions for both mobile and tablet users. Upon request, a SIM card can be provided for your tablet and easily added onto your plan.

Get International Voice and Internet Services

Data roaming is another issue. When you’re traveling internationally, using data can result in astronomical fees on your bill if you’re using your domestic carrier. If you’re a frequent traveler that needs constant access to the Internet, social networking apps, and digital media, you may be better off using an international service provider. Doing so will allow you to get Internet through roaming on your tablet, without the hassle of roaming fees.

POND mobile provides Voice, SMS, and Data services in 210+ countries around the world! With our service, you can select the plan that best fits your needs and pay a fixed monthly fee (so there’s no need to consider hidden costs). This price will remain the same across all countries, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in your travels. For those of you who are heavy data users, we have specific Global Data Plans. You can learn how much data it takes to surf the Internet here, and determine the amount of data you’ll need. If you can’t find a plan that matches your specific needs, reach out to us and we’ll come up with a customized plan, specially made for you.

How to Get Internet on Your Tablet Anywhere

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