International Data Roaming in 2 Minutes

Data roaming is the term used for connecting to the internet while you’re abroad. Roaming allows you to make calls, check social media, send texts, and use wireless data even when you’re outside of your network’s boundaries. So, whenever your phone disconnects from your carrier’s network and hops on another network, you begin to roam.

Just How Expensive Is Data Roaming?

Making calls or using data services outside of your cellular provider’s coverage area can get very expensive very fast. Smartphone users have to be especially careful when traveling. Automatic data syncing and third-party apps running in the background can rack up enormous data roaming fees. So, be prepared for extra charges to your account.

It’s way too expensive to rely on roaming data during your, well, world roaming adventures. No matter what carrier you use, those roaming rates will quickly add up. And you might just rack up $10,000 in roaming fees without even knowing it!

If you’re going to a country that isn’t covered and are happy using Wi-Fi, or you don’t think you’ll use mobile data during the day, turn data roaming off.

Comb the web for a bit, and it’s not hard to find horror stories of overseas cell phone usage gone wrong. With some people paying more for data than they did for their airfare. Or accidentally spending a month’s rent on background app refreshes. Data download fee disasters seem to be almost a rite of passage for many modern travelers. Using a mobile phone overseas just might require a loan. And with public Wi-Fi networks becoming riskier and riskier, you want to make sure you’re also safely connected abroad too.

Data for International Travel

Excessive voice and data roaming is also known as permanent roaming–a common term used in the wireless world. The question is, what is excessive roaming? And can your service be canceled for excessive roaming?

Local wireless service providers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile are great if you don’t travel much. A vacation twice a year or maybe a short international business trip. These companies have you covered. But what if you need to leave the country for a month or two? What if you spend 30 days or more over the course of the year overseas? Your local carrier is not designed for that. They have a permanent roamer or excessive roaming clause in their contracts which limits how long you can be outside the US.

This can result in your service getting canceled due to excessive roaming.

Empower Yourself With Complete Global Mobile Freedom!

This is where POND mobile comes in. We provide service specifically for people that travel a lot. We provide unique features that make your travels just a tad easier. Between permanent local international numbers to Smart Caller ID, we eliminate the need for the SIM card shuffle.

We provide the best international phone plans. A fixed monthly fee for Voice and Data worldwide with no extra charges.

Our International data roaming plans include unlimited data for travel and telecommunications for business plans. POND mobile allows you to keep your number and offers local numbers in up to 90 countries, all on one phone. There are no public Wi-Fi risks with us!

POND mobile also provides a true Global Roaming Wireless Service for Global Businesses. There are no hidden charges. Call from anywhere to anywhere. Roam the world without worry.

International Data Roaming in 2 Minutes

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