Internet Banking While Roaming – How Safe Is It?

Internet Banking While Roaming

If you’re planning a trip abroad, you’ll likely need to access your internet banking at some point. With the increase in cybercrime, you want to be sure you can safely access this information while roaming.

Safety Measures

One thing you should keep in mind is, by connecting to public Wi-Fi networks in shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and other public places, you’re exposing your personal data. The data stored in your smartphone is at an increased risk of being stolen. Since public Wi-Fi hotspots are not encrypted, there is always a risk that scammers can intercept your session, for example, of internet banking, and get your data.

Some scammers may even take it a step further and install fake Wi-Fi spots in public places so, when you connect to this “Wi-Fi”, you’ll unwillingly be giving your private information to them. To protect yourself, try using mobile internet in public places. This rule should be followed everywhere, when traveling domestically and internationally. Especially when traveling abroad, don’t think you can relax on data security protocols because that will make you an easy target for these cybercriminals.

How to Access Internet Banking While Roaming?

Of course, in an ideal situation, you wouldn’t need to access your bank information while abroad. The chances of this are slim, however, depending on your travel duration and reasoning. Therefore, try to solve any banking issues in your hotel or apartment. The Wi-Fi access in these areas is limited, making it safer and more reliable.

Sometimes situations arise where you’ll need to access your internet banking outside the safety of your hotel. For example, you could be in a store or restaurant and you discover you don’t have enough funds on your card to complete your transaction. Even in this case, don’t search for or use public Wi-Fi. Instead, use mobile internet. Yes, you’ll have to pay roaming charges, but it’s better to pay for roaming and lose a smaller amount of money than potentially exposing your information and losing all of your funds.

How can POND mobile help?

When traveling abroad, everyone chooses the communication service that best fit their needs. Some will use their domestic carrier, some will buy an international SIM card, and some will purchase a local SIM card. But how can you tell which carrier is paying attention to the level of security and confidentiality they provide for your communications? If you’re using your domestic carrier while roaming or a local SIM card carrier, you can assume they’re paying attention to data security. But what about international SIM card providers? Numerous companies are offering international SIM cards and services, but how can you ensure your connection will be secure?

POND mobile pays great attention to the security of its services. By purchasing our services with either the World Phone or Global Data plans, you’ll gain peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about staying connected because we offer coverage in 210+ countries around the world. You can safely access your banking information (and other private information) anywhere: in a store, restaurant, or even on a beach! All your Internet sessions are securely protected and you’re not at any risk of having your data stolen during one of these sessions.

Internet Banking While Roaming – How Safe Is It?

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