Malta for Digital Nomads

The COVID-19 pandemic has vastly increased the number of remote workers around the world. Remote work is quickly becoming the norm, and transitioning into a permanent mode of work. In fact, the growth of remote work has convinced many countries to revise their visa policies to acknowledge digital nomads, who are remote workers that travel regularly and for long periods of time. Some of these countries like Portugal, Georgia, Croatia, the UAE, and Iceland have been working to develop residence permit programs for these digital nomads. Malta is another company that has recently hopped aboard the digital nomad visa train, announcing the launch of its program in June.

So, What Does Malta Have to Offer?

This island state attracts visitors from all over with its comfortable Mediterranean climate, interesting history, rich culture, delicious cuisine, and security. English is the official language here, which removes any language barrier issues. The locals are also hospitable and friendly towards foreigners. Malta has a good telecommunications infrastructure that provides a stable Internet connection, and it’s one of the few countries with 5G nationwide coverage. Combined with the growing number of coworking spaces, all of these factors make Malta a formidable player in the race for digital nomads.

As of today, about a thousand freelancers from the EU live and work in Malta. The new residence permit program for digital nomads (Nomad Residence Permit), launched by the Maltese government, is estimated to attract digital nomads from other non-EU countries. It will allow approved applicants to live in Malta for up to one year, working remotely, without needing special visas or additional work permits. As a bonus, income received from abroad is not subject to taxation.

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Malta for Digital Nomads

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