• Maritime
    Internet Service

    Having high-speed internet access for your boat, yacht or other vessel is key while out at sea. POND mobile provides an inexpensive alternative to high-cost satellite service so you can stay connected.
  • Flexible Plans

    Our plans can be tailored to fit your specific lifestyle and needs. With our service, you can even manage your data across multiple cards!
  • One SIM Solution

    We offer local profiles in a multitude of countries, so there’s no need to switch your SIM card.

Why Is It Important to Stay Online While Sailing The Seas?

A strong connection is vital to access navigation apps, weather reports, and to just stay in touch with others when you’re in open water.

We live in a time where internet connectivity is crucial if you want to stay tapped into the world around you. While going out to sea may have been a way to escape from the world previously, it’s nearly impossible to do that today with the way our mobile devices, social media, and work crowd our lives. Now, a stress-free boat trip would mean having constant access to the internet and your work life, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything important. For example, let’s say you need to access your banking information while you are out at sea. You’ll need a high speed internet connection, and finding the best one for your vessel can be a challenge. Having a high-speed internet connection when you’re away from land can also help you if anything were to go wrong on your trip. You’ll have access to apps that can help you steer your boat into calmer waters if there are dangerous weather conditions, and you’ll have the ability to call for help if needed.

POND mobile Advantages of 4G LTE Internet Access on Your Boat/Vessel

Connect to Multiple Networks

POND mobile service grants you access to 800+ networks worldwide. This allows you to have the greatest flexibility while also providing you with the fastest data speeds available.


Latency is the time it takes for data to transfer from the origin point to the destination point. The average latency on satellite internet is about 638ms. On LTE, the latency average is around 50ms. Having a lower latency allows for a faster and better browsing experience. Latency also plays a major role in making a VoIP phone call, as most providers require it to be around 150ms.
Flexible Data Plans

Flexible Data Plans

Get custom data plans that allow you to have a large high-speed data pool with multiple SIM cards and NO additional line charge!

Cost Reduction

Satellite internet at sea can easily cost $2 per MB. This translates to $2,048 per GB. Here’s a brief breakdown of real world applications:
Satellite Cost4G LTE CostSavings with LTE
Streaming a Movie$3,000$50$2,950
Checking Your Email$2 – $6 per use$0.0 to $0.07$1.98 – $5.93
VoIP Call$1 – $1.50/minute$0.01 to $0.015$0.99 – $1.485
One Hour ZOOM Call$500/hour$6.59$493.41
Basic Internet Browsing$10/minute$0.12/minute$9.88
Social Media Browsing$50/minute$0.61/minute$49.39


Satellite internet is vulnerable to poor weather conditions.

24/7 Customer support

Live customer support is available 24/7 via phone, online chat and email. We’ll always be readily available to you! We even offer remote support to help you with any technical difficulties you may face while on the water.

Multi-IMSI Solution

Allows you to have local profiles in various locations. This significantly reduces latency and improves user experience.

The Ultimate Solution with 4G LTE and Your Existing Satellite Internet

Our Multi-IMSI service solution enables you to place our SIM card into any modem with a SIM card reader. You can use our service all over the world without having to swap SIM cards in local ports. By having a satellite antenna as well as a cellular one you can easily switch from one connection type to another. To simplify things even further, a low-cost piece of equipment that’s about $150-$250 will do the switching for you. Under this setup, you’ll be using a low-cost cellular LTE network when in range and, when you venture out too far, you’ll automatically be switched to satellite.