Navigation Apps for Travelers

Navigation Apps

Everyone is familiar with the Google Maps app. It comes pre-installed on Android smartphones and most iPhone users use it in addition to their pre-installed Apple Maps app. The app is user-friendly and has a number of features that make traveling a lot easier. For example, it displays information about objects on the map, shows traffic camera locations, and warns users about speed limits. A distinctive feature of the Google Maps app is the panorama street views it shows. This feature allows users to accurately determine the endpoint of their route.

However, Google Maps is mainly focused on the US and Europe. And this only includes large cities in Europe, roads in smaller locations tend to be mapped incorrectly. For example, Google Maps doesn’t have accurate maps and routes within Russian territories. Some lesser-known roads are not included in general which could lead you into a field or forest instead of your destination. In addition, some European countries aren’t compatible with the Google Maps app at all.

Therefore, if you’re planning on traveling to Europe or Russia, you should look for an alternative to the Google Maps app. One that is familiar with not only European capitals and major cities but also other territories beyond their borders.

Navigation Apps

There are various navigation apps available for download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store. We’ve generated this list based on the opinions of experts and users. Each of these apps has high ratings and they can be used in many countries including Europe, Russia, and CIS countries.

OsmAnd – the OsmAnd app works both online and offline. It has detailed maps and is considered one of the best among the various navigation applications. It works based on several maps like OpenStreetMap, Osmarener, Microsoft Maps, Yandex.Maps and others. The biggest selling point of this app, however, is its offline feature. You can download a map of the country or region of interest in advance. Doing so will allow you to plan your travel route in advance and also avoid increased roaming charges. OsmAnd can easily be used by both drivers and pedestrians. The app also has options for ski trails, and boating and trekking routes.

Maps.Me – the Maps.Me app is another app that was designed to work without the Internet. You just need to download a map of the area you’re interested in before you head out. The app is powered by OpenStreetMap maps and can offer maps of the entire world, including Antarctica. It’s characterized by features like high accuracy and detailed maps. With this app, you can build routes for cars, bicycles, and walking. Maps.Me also has knowledge of all sorts of local treats, including bike paths and “secret” hiking trails. Since this application is not available for download in some countries, you should install it in advance.

Waze – the Waze app only works online, so there is no option to download the maps offline. However, because the app works online, it allows you to monitor the traffic situation in your area in real-time. App users participate in creating the maps by constantly reporting and updating the traffic and accident situations on the roads. This app works all over the world and the maps are detailed and informative. However, unlike the other apps on this list, with Waze, you can only set routes for cars and motorcycles. In the app’s settings, you can disable the selection of toll roads and ferries.

How Can POND mobile Help You During Your Travels?

In order for you to use these navigation apps, and any other apps, online during your foreign trips POND mobile has developed its World Phone and Global Data rate plans. These rate plans were developed to provide you with a reliable connection and high-speed Internet in 210+ countries around the world. Depending on the plan you select, you’ll get a certain amount of data, minutes for calls, and SMS. Our pricing policy is simple – you pay only a fixed monthly subscription fee, which is specified in the rate plan. No hidden charges or additional roaming charges. No matter what country you’re going to, the cost of the rate doesn’t change.

With POND mobile’s service, you’ll also get a US number and the ability to add local numbers for more than 90 countries around the world. Now you’ll be able to plan your travel routes in real-time in navigation apps, considering the current situation on the roads. You’ll also be able to stay connected with your family and friends. And at any time you can contact your hotel, for example, if you need to change the booking dates or book a room in a nearby hotel. That’s POND mobile, simple!

Navigation Apps for Travelers

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