Portable Wi-Fi Router for Your Mobile Data

A Portable Wi-Fi router is a device that is a modem and a router at the same time. It also has a slot for a SIM cards. It establishes a secure internet connection for multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and any other device with the Wi-Fi module. You can use it on the road, in a country house or on your travels abroad. While you are on an international trip, it is possible to buy the SIM card of a local carrier and simply insert it in your Wi-Fi router for travel. This will provide you, your family, and your friends with an internet connection without needing to change your home carrier’s SIM card.

Portable Wi-Fi Router vs Mobile Hotspot

Why would you need an additional device if there’s a hotspot in your smartphone? There is a difference between a portable Wi-Fi router and mobile hotspot. Hotspot is great if you’re in a café where none of your friends have an internet connection except you. In this case, you’d have the ability to share your mobile data using hotspot on your phone. However, the traffic speed will also be shared among all users on the hotpot. The more users there are, the slower the data speed is. In addition, a stable connection for hotspot is only good for roughly 10 meters.

With a portable Wi-Fi router, on the other hand, no matter how many devices and users are connected, the traffic speed will not decrease. Depending on the model of your portable Wi-Fi router, the stable coverage can be anywhere between 10 to 30 meters. This widens the usage possibility of your portable Wi-Fi. Another plus of having a portable Wi-Fi router is that most models have a jack for external antennae. This allows you to use the device even in an area with poor signal.

Therefore, the use of a mobile hotspot is best as a temporary solution, while portable Wi-Fi is a reliable source of internet during your trips or in areas of absent cable internet connection.

POND mobile Data Plans

To ensure you do not lose your internet connection when traveling, POND mobile has prepared Global Data rate plans with high-speed internet for international roaming. These rate plans offer coverage in 200+ countries. The rate plans also include the “PondFone” application which gives you 250 minutes of calls to mobile and landline numbers in 122 countries. In addition, you’ll get a U.S. number for incoming calls where you’ll have the option to use our Smart Caller ID feature and a local number for 50+ countries. Depending on your needs, you can choose the rate plan that is best for you. POND mobile SIM cards with Global Data rate plans can be used in smartphones, tablets or in portable Wi-Fi routers.

Portable Wi-Fi Router for Your Mobile Data

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