Protect Your Data With POND mobile

How Does POND mobile Protect Your Data?

A SIM card, also known as a subscriber identification module, stores information about your device, the device owner (you), and your phone carrier. The most important aspect is the phone number.

Recently SIM card fraud, such as SIM hijacking and swapping, has become widespread. With this type of fraud, the hacker, having stolen the victim’s personal data, contacts the mobile carrier with a request to port the victim’s number to their phone. With inefficient data protection, many hackers get away with this because the customer service representatives may not verify the information effectively or they’ll accept a bribe from the hacker. Once the hacker gets the phone number at their disposal, they have access to bank accounts and other resources associated with the phone number. They’re then able to login to any service using two-factor authentication (2FA) by SMS.

POND mobile pays great attention to the protection of its subscribers’ data. Each customer is assigned a dedicated, personal account manager that knows them and is familiar with their account.

Any porting request is passed through multiple departments for multiple verifications. Once all the verifications are complete, the customer’s account manager will reach out to the number on file once more to confirm the request. Only then will the phone number be released and the porting process will begin.

POND mobile works hard to ensure that customer data is protected so they can avoid SIM Swap attacks.

Advantages of Using POND Mobile

You may find Internet services or applications blocked or only partially working during your travels when visiting certain countries.

For example, in the UAE, many websites do not work, and popular messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber only work with text and voice messages. It’s not possible to make audio or video calls when using these VoIP applications over there. The government has somewhat of a monopoly on VoIP communications. There are only two legal services which local mobile carriers provide access to for an additional subscription fee.

China is another location where the Internet is under strict state control and many popular Internet services and applications are blocked. You won’t be able to use Facebook, Instagram and many other popular social networks there. Messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber are also blocked as well as Google services. You can try using VPN services, but they have certain restrictions. Some VPN services have stopped working entirely or their performance has suffered, but there are a few that continue to work.

One downside of using VPN services, however, is data security issues. Some of these services won’t hide your information, and they may even sell your personal data including your phone number, name, and email address.

When using POND mobile, regardless of which country you find yourself in, you won’t need to worry about blocked Internet services or applications. Our customers have access to all Internet content, as well as all communication web services around the world. And you won’t need to use VPN services and put your data at risk.

How Can POND mobile Help in Your Travels?

POND mobile is an international mobile carrier that provides customers with international roaming in over 210 countries and destinations around the world! Our World Phone and Global Data plans are designed to provide reliable communication and a high-speed Internet connection in any country you choose.

Each rate plan includes a certain number of minutes for calls, SMS and GB of high-speed Internet, so everyone can choose exactly what they need. The pricing is simple – you pay only a fixed monthly subscription fee, which is specified in the rate plan. Taxes and fees are already included so there’s no hidden charges or additional roaming fees.

With a POND mobile SIM card, you no longer need to worry about buying a local SIM card and spending time researching various carriers. When you need to use the Internet, you can simply use it, without worrying about roaming and looking for free Wi-Fi. The ability to add local numbers from more than 90 countries around the world and the US number that you get with our SIM will allow your family, friends and colleagues to call you at their local rates. POND mobile ensures that you stay connected, no matter what country you’re in!

Protect Your Data With POND mobile

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