Should You Purchase a Local SIM Card in the EU?

There are a few benefits to buying a local SIM card in the EU. For one, buying a local SIM card will be cheaper than using your home carrier when you’re traveling abroad. In addition, you’ll get access to the same low rates available to locals because of your purchase. This is a seemly attractive offer if you’re planning a visit to Europe for a short time period and want to stay connected, but how ideal is this solution for frequent travelers? Or for an extended stay?

What You Need to Know When Purchasing a SIM Card for Europe

First, calls to and from countries outside the EU have additional charges. It’s better to get information on your carrier’s rates well in advance, so you won’t be surprised when you see these extra charges on your bill.

Second, almost all carriers have a condition that you must spend most of your time in the carrier’s home country. The carrier will monitor your activity to see if most of your traffic, calls and SMS are originating there. If they see that a big part of the traffic is coming from other countries, then they’ll either put a block on your line or your charge you at the standard roaming rates (as opposed to the rates that locals enjoy).

You also need to remember that when choosing any rate plan, you should carefully study the terms and conditions for the service. This applies to purchasing a local SIM card in Europe as well. Understanding the purchase terms for a local SIM will be difficult if you don’t know the local language. With the language barrier, you could face the problem of missing small details in your contract because no one in the local carrier’s office will mention them.

How is POND mobile Different?

With POND mobile, you can choose from any of our proposed rate plans that meet your requirements. All our rate plans include a certain number of minutes, GB, and SMS. Plans are charged at a fixed monthly fee, so there shouldn’t be any surprises on your bill.

Wherever you go, our prices will remain unchanged. Traveling to multiple locations within the EU is made easy with our SIM because you won’t have to worry about constantly researching local carriers or switching your number. The POND mobile SIM card can be used as a roaming SIM card for trips to Europe and as an international SIM card for trips to other countries. We also don’t have additional or hidden charges like local SIM cards do. All our plan details are clearly stated.

Thanks to our additional service of adding local numbers, you can add 1 to 5 phone numbers from 90+ countries into your SIM card. This allows your contacts to call you at their local rates. And the icing on the cake? You don’t need to go anywhere to purchase our SIM card, it’ll be delivered to you at any address of your choosing.

Should You Purchase a Local SIM Card in the EU?

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