SMART Caller ID for Superior Communication

Smart caller ID is a great way to reach new levels of professionalism in company relations. It’s also a way to build strong bonds with your co-workers and employees. With POND mobile you get the opportunity to have several numbers in one account and select local numbers from 90+ countries among them. With this unique technology, you can raise the levels of trust in your professional relationships.

What Came Before Smart Caller ID?

Before smart caller ID was created, there was just caller ID. Caller ID, or caller identification, was created to make our lives easier in a multitude of ways. Here are a few examples:

  1. To save time and choose who you want or don’t want to hear from before answering the call.
  2. To ensure privacy and avoid intrusive phone calls—for example, those annoying telemarketers or robocalls.
  3. To identify the name of the caller on the spot
  4. To see the caller ID while waiting or during a call with another person via phone.

Caller ID is simply the number you see when somebody is calling you. Sometimes you can even see a name instead of a number, which is possible if you voluntarily link your name to your number in the settings of your cell. With new and advancing technologies, it’s possible today to spoof caller ID (which is uh oh—illegal) or block it. This means fraudsters and scammers will still be able to reach you.

What is Smart Caller ID?

There is a special option provided by some carriers to smooth your communications with enterprise partners worldwide. Smart caller ID means the person you’re calling will see the local number you’ve chosen.

Features like this can work in two ways. First, it helps the person you’re calling identify your number as a ‘friendly’ one and avoid awkward situations. Second, smart caller ID apps help you identify who is calling and protects you from telemarketers and a whole range of scammers out there.

Your business partners will receive a smart call showing a local number for you if you turn on the option of SMART Caller ID from POND mobile. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and bring those partnerships to a whole new level!

SMART Caller ID for Superior Communication

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