The Best Apps for Finding Friends While Traveling

There’s an abundance of reasons why someone might travel alone. But even during those solo journeys, you might want to spend some time with like-minded people. There are plenty of great opportunities to meet other travelers and locals in any country you’re visiting with recent developments in technology. There are now apps specifically designed to help you meet people while traveling (or even before)!

Best Apps for Finding Travel Companions


This app allows you to make new friends during your trip by connecting you with other solo travelers in real-time. It also helps you save money by connecting you to other travelers through things like joint taxi rides or various excursions. You can even take advantage of the app’s filters like age, gender, and interests when looking for a travel companion.


This app will help you connect with locals in over 130 countries. The application has a variety of culinary events ranging from dinner parties to gastronomic tours and ending with culinary masterclasses. You’ll have the ability to drink wine and have dinner with local hosts during your travels. In the application, you can filter food based on various dietary restrictions, as well as choose vegetarian, vegan, kosher dishes.


Meetup is another great tool for communicating with locals while traveling. This popular app brings together like-minded people in thousands of cities around the world. It can be used to find people at your travel destinations with similar interests like jogging groups, dance troupes, animal lovers, etc.


This is a social network for travelers. It gathers data on your interests to select people with similar interests for you to communicate with. The great thing about Travello is that it’s designed for a wide range of travelers.


This app is created exclusively for women. It helps women find traveling companions. Enter your destination and travel dates, and the app will show you potential traveling companions, who you can reach out to if you want to plan a joint trip.


This app will help you plan your vacation, meet other travelers, develop some of your skills, or even learn a new language. The global WorldPackers community is also a great source for tips and recommendations on your next trip.


Another travel app that will help you to meet and chat with the locals in the place you’re traveling to, learn about interesting places, and plan unique trips is TravelBuddy. To find a traveling companion, you just need to enter your destination, select the preferences for your traveling companion and add the dates of your trip.

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The Best Apps for Finding Friends While Traveling

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