The Secret Caribbean Islands Preserved for So Long: Exploring Pristine Nature

10 Natural Wonders of the Caribbean Islands.

Without a doubt, you’ll find everything on the Caribbean Islands. From music and local cuisines to the pure beauty of nature with deep green wild forests on the mountains to white beaches with crystal clear ocean water. This permanent festival of diverse cultures and natural wonders is ready to take you and fully dip you into the joyful atmosphere of island life.

In this article we’ll go through the astonishing Caribbean Islands that have been preserved for quite some time.

Most Famous Caribbean Islands.

Choosing Caribbean Islands for your trip can be overwhelming with the abundance of options out there. It may be better to start with the popular destinations first and then head to the unknown cozy places.


Aside from the obvious reggae style hangout, you can add Jamaica to your list if you want to get exciting experiences from pristine nature. Visiting Seven Mile Beach is an absolute must. Don’t forget to make time for exploring the hidden lagoons and hiking the mountain trails to see the beautiful waterfalls in the deep rainforests. For those fond of extreme activities, river rafting and cave tubing would be a perfect complement. You can also try out swimming with horses, a new popular entertainment here. Come on, where else could you do that?

The Bahamas

The luxurious escape on the Bahamas includes pictures from the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. World famous pink sand and gold rock beaches are waiting for your footsteps, and why not take some amazing pictures for your friends and family to see on your Instagram and Facebook feed? On top of that, make a stop on the secluded beach of Rose Island to dedicate one day to exploring the secret of the Caribbean Islands. Dive into the crystal clear ocean to see the spectacular and mysterious water world.


The Dominican Republic is one of the most loved Caribbean Islands by tourists. But don’t worry! It’s also the most superbly blessed beach island too, having more than 1000 miles of white sand paradise-like beach lines. So whether you’re alone or with plenty of company, you’d definitely find a spot for action. You can also choose from the numerous water activities the island is ready to offer: kiting, rafting, snorkeling, diving, and many others.


While Cuba isn’t a secret Caribbean Islands spot, it’s definitely one of the brightest and most unique places to hit up. The rich cultural heritage is well complemented with the grandeur of nature. Miles of mountains followed by the tobacco fields, and of course perfectly white beaches. It’d be really hard to choose between the old city of Havana with its vivid architecture, old vintage cars that never go out of style, iconic cigars, and the famous beaches of Varadero promising you the most relaxing beach vacation of your life.


If you’re looking for consistent surfing opportunities, visit the fascinating island of Barbados, also the birthplace of world famous singer Rihanna. The island and its surroundings are nature spectacles themselves, full of exotic wildlife both underwater and on land. Edged with coral reefs, the island beautifully stands out of the water welcoming the visitors with postcard-like landscapes.

The Secluded Caribbean Islands

By exploring the unknown Caribbean Islands we’d recommend starting with the well known, but yet to be explored Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico

The small rocky island of Vieques offers an out-of-this-world wonder on Earth. Imagine a beach sparkling up at night like the millions of stars in the sky and you’ve got the Bioluminescent Bays of Puerto Rico. You’ll feel the magic of the Avatar movie in real life. It’s definitely a must-see miracle.

Spend a day on Flamenco Beach on Culebra, often called the second most beautiful beach in the world. Plunge into the deep blue water and swim through the soft rocky waves. It’s a dazzling place for snorkeling and diving.

British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda, one of the British Virgin Islands is mostly covered with natural magnificence. Here you’ll spot large national parks with exotic flora and fauna. Explore The Baths beach, a popular local attraction with blue lagoons and beautiful cozy caves hidden in between the cliffs. On the British Virgin Islands, you’ll find some of the quietest untouched beaches of the Caribbean Islands.

Saint Lucia

The vacay on Saint Lucia can be quite extreme for those itching for risky business. In addition to the common cultural heritage tour, you can have an exhilarating getaway into the untamed wild. To get this thrilling experience, book an adventure tour and just go! Traveling in an open aerial tram or on a zip line literally through the jungle, say hello to the monkeys passing by and jumping from one vine to another.

Trinidad and Tobago

Visit these Caribbean Islands to enjoy the reluctant pace of an island life. Feel Robinson Crusoe’s inspiration in this total escape from civilization. The most exciting part, and one of the most spectacular views in your life, will be the sunrise while kayaking around the island. Make sure it’s on that bucket list of yours!


The welcoming island of Curaçao looks like the ideal decorations for Wes Anderson movies with its Dutch-style pastel-colored houses in Willemstad. One of the unknown Caribbean Islands is also nature’s gifted treasure that offers plenty of opportunities to explore the local wildlife. On top of that, you’re more than welcome to try out the diverse beach options.

Connecting With Home

To keep in touch and cover your thrills in the Caribbean, check for unlimited international calling plans. We don’t really recommend changing SIM cards on each island. First off, you’ll quickly get tired of it and nobody wants to lose time, right? Who knows when you’ll next visit the Caribbean? Second, they belong to different states. That means you can unknowingly be in danger of hidden roaming charges. You can escape the trouble and save yourself a whole lot of hassle if you’re prepared.

POND mobile specializes in international roaming and offers great deals on unlimited international calls and data plans. Feel at home even when you’re abroad in the most exotic parts of the secluded Caribbean Islands. You’ll stay covered and get the all-inclusive beach pleasures you desire.

So whether you’re going for a lazy beach vacation or want to experience new water adventures and explore the local wonders of nature, plan in advance. Only then will you have time to fully discover the hidden Caribbean treasures to the fullest!

The Secret Caribbean Islands Preserved for So Long: Exploring Pristine Nature

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