Travel Accessories in 2021

The time when countries open their borders and frequent travel will start again is gradually approaching. While we wait for that to happen, we can start preparing for the numerous, inevitable trips we’ll be taking once it’s safe. We may be going on short or long trips, business or leisure. Regardless of the trip length or circumstance, there are many items that make traveling a lot easier and more comfortable. Here are a few examples of these travel accessories:

The Item Tracker. This tool can be attached to your keys, wallet, bag, luggage, or your pet’s collar.  The tracker will help you quickly find a lost item or pinpoint the location of your pet. It will also notify you if you’re out-of-range for the signal.

Universal Travel Adapter. Often, during foreign travels, you may come across different types of power sockets that your plugs may not fit in. With a universal adapter, this won’t be an issue. The adapter will fit in any foreign socket. Just plug in your items and you’re good to go!

Multi-tool Card.  This card is completely flat and looks like a credit card, but don’t let the look deter you! This handy tool can open boxes, envelopes, cans, and bottles. It also includes screwdrivers, a cord cutter, measuring tools, a nail clipper, and open and closed wrenches.

Wi-Fi Travel Extender. This is another great travel accessory for those who face the potential of weak Wi-Fi signal in their hotel. If the Wi-Fi only fully covers the hotel lobby, and barely reaches the room, getting a travel extender will benefit you greatly.

Smart Earplugs. We’ve all experienced loud or disruptive noises on a plane or train like snoring, noisy travelers, or children crying. Depending on the model, these smart earplugs can reduce noise by an average of 30 decibels. Some of them connect to a special app, and you can turn on music or nature sounds. There are also models with an alarm function that will only be heard by you.

Luggage Cover. These covers can be a very useful accessory for traveling. They protect the suitcase from dirt and rain, and most are washable. As a bonus, you’ll be able to quickly recognize your suitcase among thousands of others.

Add-a-Bag Luggage Strap. With this strap, you can attach a bag or backpack to the main suitcase. Doing so will free your hands from holding extra items.

Vacuum and Waterproof Zipper Bags.  Vacuum bags will help you save space and fit everything you need in your suitcase. Waterproof zipper bags will create order in your luggage and add additional protection for your clothes.

POND mobile SIM card. An international SIM card is also one of these useful travel accessories. If you choose to go the local SIM route, then you have to worry about finding and buying a new SIM in each travel location. On the other hand, if you choose to use your regular phone plan, you’ll get cut off for excessive roaming (and you’ll face high roaming costs). With POND mobile, we provide you with one SIM card that offers coverage in 210+ countries for a fixed monthly fee.

Each plan includes minutes for voice calls, data, and SMS. The cost remains the same across all countries as well. With our SIM, you’ll also get a U.S. number and the ability to add 1-5 local numbers for incoming calls for 90+ countries! With POND mobile, you’ll feel at home wherever you are.

Travel Accessories in 2021

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