VoIP in Roaming – How to Save Money?

In our trips abroad, we all strive to ensure two things. First, a constant connection with no interruptions. Second, predictable expenses with no unexpected surprises in our roaming bills. Everyone solves these issues in their own way. Someone may buy SIM cards from local carriers, someone else may look for international SIM cards, or someone may even limit themselves to using Wi-Fi in hotels and cafes only. There are many people, however, who use VoIP to minimize their call costs.

What is VoIP and How Does It Work?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or, as it is also called, IP-telephony is a voice communication over the Internet. Typically, traditional telephone communication takes place via telephone lines or a mobile GSM/3G network. For VoIP, you just need a stable Internet connection, and you will be connected wherever you are.

VoIP Applications in Roaming

The main purpose of IP telephony is cheap or free long-distance and international calls, which allow you to save on roaming while traveling.

The most well known representative of IP telephony is Skype. It can be used for both free and paid calls, which allow you to call any phone number.

With the SigmaCall application you can make calls from your smartphone to mobile and landline phones. It uses 3G/4G or Wi-Fi to help you reach contacts from all over the world. Regardless of your location, the cost of the call will always be the same and will depend only on the direction you are calling.

Another mobile VoIP service, Nimbuzz, allows users to make VoIP calls in HD quality (Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz). Of course, HD calls require a high-speed LTE or Wi-Fi connection.

The well-known messenger app Viber has also joined VoIP services, thus adding the ability to use Viber for calls to landline and mobile numbers around the world. This service offers the possibility to pay per call, if calls are made on a case-by-case basis, and you can also choose and subscribe to the most suitable rate if calls are made regularly.

The “PondFone” Application

POND mobile offers “Global Data” rate plans with a fixed monthly subscription fee. Each “Global Data” plan includes a certain number of GB, giving you the ability to use high-speed Internet. These plans also include the VoIP application “PondFone”. This application gives you 250 minutes of calls to mobile and regular phone numbers in 122 countries, and you will receive a U.S. number for incoming calls. You also have the option of using our unique Smart Caller ID and local numbers service for incoming calls of more than 50 countries, allowing your contacts to call you at their local rates.

VoIP in Roaming – How to Save Money?

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