What Consumes Data on your Cell Phone?

What Uses Data on a Cell Phone?

While taking the most advantageous package for data usage from your provider, you might think that you can finally enjoy the most out of the Internet. It is not that important to have unlimited free calls and text messages when you have unlimited data. Today, people do not call each other so often. Sometimes, it is easier to send a text/voice/video message via one of the messengers and wait until the person finds time to read/listen/watch it and answer, rather than unexpectedly bothering him or her. Much work can be done on the way to your destination with a cellphone. No wonder you first pay attention to the amount of data obtained when selecting a plan.

What Uses the Most Data on a Cell Phone Plan?

So, where does all of that promised unlimited data on a cellphone actually go? It may surprise you but surfing on the Internet does not take as much data as you would imagine (up to 2.5MB to download one web page). Therefore, you may ask yourself whether your provider is deceiving you and what exactly consumes all of the mobile data.

Videos. YouTube and TikTok, as the top free video platforms today, rank first in our list of applications that consume most of the mobile data. Even when you are watching HD videos or reducing resolution to the minimum, YouTube and TikTok still take a lot of your time and data. People, ranging from kids to grown-ups and seniors, are used to watch videos during their free time, on their way to school or work, during breaks and in queues.

Streaming platforms.Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other streaming platforms to which you can subscribe to take as much traffic as the videos from YouTube, especially when loaded and watched in full.

Music. Music apps that enable you to listen to music online and those that even provide you with the opportunity of downloading the melodies can be the source of data consuming. Mobile apps, such as SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music, hold the top positions for iPhones and Androids.

Online games. From simple games, like Diamonds, Candy Crush or Pokémon Go, to more complex ones, such as Fortnite and Minecraft, online games playa significant role in young people’s lives. Besides, these games take much mobile traffic.

Social networks. Apps for communication and sharing, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among the most popular ones, also consume a lot of data. By default, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp download or at least keep in cash all the videos and photos shared through them. VoIP apps enable you to call a person by using data rather than your plan minutes.

Tip #1. Some providers offer so-called unlimited data packages. Still, you have certain amount of data (30-50GB on average) which may seem endless. However, after the upper limit point, the Internet speed would be throttled. Read all the conditions of using the plan very attentively.

Tip #2. Using your mobile phone as a hotspot for other devices may lead to significant losses in data amount. Try to use Wi-Fi when possible to avoid extra charges and untimely data termination.

What Uses Data on iPhone?

Among the top apps for iPhone, you will find Google Maps, Spotify, as well as apps for social networks and for photo and video editing. To verify the amount of data that you use, go to Settings >Cellular or Mobile Data.

Several tips on how to reduce data consumption on iPhone:

In settings, you can limit your app download and update options to using Wi-Fi instead of the mobile Internet. Go to Settings >General >Software Update.

You can control the updates and synchronization of the background apps by going to Settings >General and by adjusting each app’s work.

You can also set the video quality for YouTube to minimize data losses. Thus, the data usage will be low by default but will be enough for watching funny videos on a mobile phone.

What Uses Data on Android?

Social networks applications, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, hold the leading positions in Google Play Market. To check the amount of data that you use, go to Settings >Wireless Networks/Networks and Internet >Data Usage or Mobile Data. You can also verify by going to settings >Connections >Data Usage. You can set time alerts when reaching a certain data limit. You can download various data-compressing apps on Androids. Besides, you can switch off the data background usage.

To reduce data consumption, we also recommend you to:

  • Pay attention to mail synchronization.
  • Not leave GPS and navigation turned on all the time. You can download an offline map from Google maps.
  • Use mobile versions of websites.

Unless you have an unlimited data package, find out what takes the most of data on your phone, whether it is video, music, game or social networks, and learn how to save it right now. Use our tips for Android and iPhone to save data on your device.

What Consumes Data on your Cell Phone?

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