Allows you to make calls to any mobile and landline phone numbers.

PONDfone – what is it and who needs it? This aplication allows you to make calls to any mobile and landline phone numbers.

Many of you are familiar with VoIP services that exist on the market and how they help reduce the cost of international calls. A few notable VoIP apps are Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger. What all these apps have in common is their convenience. With instant messengers, you can only make calls to those who have the same messenger installed. VoIP apps usually don’t require this, you can use them to call any phone number.
PONDfone is one of these VoIP apps and it’s included in POND mobile’s Global Data plans (which can be used to get data anywhere in the world). This application allows you to make calls to any mobile and landline phone numbers. No matter what plan, or amount of data you select, you’ll be given 250 minutes of calls per month to phone numbers in 120+ popular countries around the world. With PONDfone, you’ll also be given a U.S. number (+1) for incoming calls.
Activating this technology is simple: download the app from the App Store or Google Play and input the activation code given to you by your POND mobile personal manager.

How does PONDfone differ from its competitors?

Typically, calls via VoIP services are charged per minute, and their cost depends on the country you’re making calls to. Therefore, to control your expenses, you’d need to know the cost of calls to a particular country in advance.
With PONDfone, all this fades away. 250 minutes of calls to 120+ countries are already included in our Global Data plans. You just pay a fixed monthly subscription fee and you’re good to go! There’s no need to worry about what country you’re calling or how long your call lasts – no additional payments are required. You pay the subscription fee once a month, and enjoy all the benefits of the chosen plan, without worrying about unexpected expenses.
Another difference with PONDfone is that you’ll be able to add local numbers for more than 50 countries for incoming calls. This is in addition to the U.S. number you’re already receiving with your subscription! With the feature, your contacts can call you on local numbers at local rates. We also have a unique Smart Caller ID service which will display your local number to whoever you’re calling. So, if your call is missed, your contact will be able to call you back at the local number, which will remain in the call list, and not the U.S. one.

PONDfone App is Available for Download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store