The Best Jobs to Work Remotely Now

Until recently, working remotely was a privilege enjoyed by highly qualified individuals, usually in the IT field. It was hard to imagine any other profession switching to online work. With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the effectiveness of remote work was proven and the demand for freelance services increased in the market.

Jobs That Allow You to Work Remotely

If your current job doesn’t allow you to work remotely and travel freely, then here are other positions that do. There are also numerous domestic and international freelancer platforms that can help you find offers for remote work like Upwork and Freelancer. Here are some examples of jobs that you can do remotely:

Web Developer

A web developer works to develop websites and provide technical support including communication with clients, drawing up technical tasks, design development, and generating website and page layouts.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is an individual that designs graphic content like billboards, flyers, and other material for a company. They might work for websites, newspapers, magazines, and even places like cafes and restaurants to create promotional material. A main task of graphic designers working for a company is designing logos and packaging or advertising material.


An illustrator works not only on books designs, but also in developing animations and computer games.

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist works on promoting websites to the top search results of search engines like Google. They eliminate technical problems and select keywords to be used in website content to generate traffic. They also work on building links and adding thematic content to resources.


A Copywriter writes articles, blogs, and promotional material. Professional copywriting includes inventing titles and slogans, and writing content that generates brand awareness.

In addition to professions that are largely Internet-based, there are other professions that can be done remotely. Such as, being an interpreter, lawyer, accountant, teacher, or tutor.

How Can You Successfully Work and Travel?

Thanks to modern technology, today you can freely combine work and travel. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, many jobs have transferred to remote work over office work. This has shown us that it’s not necessary to go to a physical office to get work done. In reality, you just need a computer, and a reliable Internet and cellphone connection.

In order to successfully work remotely, however, you need self-discipline and strong time management skills. To start, you should create a schedule that designates time for both work and rest. You can do this by taking into account any time difference with your employer and/or colleagues. Then, divide work tasks into those that are urgent and those that are not. Doing so will allow you to avoid stressful situations and spending your entire day in front of a computer screen. If you choose to travel while working remotely, doing this will give you time to explore surrounding areas and local attractions without compromising your work.

How Can POND mobile Help On Your Remote Work Journey?

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The Best Jobs to Work Remotely Now

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